safety policies
Our HSE Policies

Employee engagement in all HSE Procedure and activities.

Medical Check for All Employees

Pre-employment and During-employment health and medical check-up are regularly arranged annually.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Check

Pre-employment check-up and monthly random check-up for alcohol and drugs are regularly arranged.

Social Security

Provide social security to all employees according to Labor Law of Thailand

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is distributed to everyone, not just our employees but also visitors, and must also be worn to perform works. All PPE is checked regularly to ensure that every equipment is all safe to use.

Training & Competency Management

All training programs related to Safety are planned and implemented and that all related staffs and workers are required to attend as compulsory training.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

There are 5 specific types of work that the safe method are identified, and hence such procedure has been implemented for all staffs and workers to strictly follow.

  • Electrical-related Work
  • Work at Height
  • Hot Work
  • Work using Mobile Crane
  • Work in Confined Space
Emergency Management
  • Elide Fire (Fire ball) are located around the workshop as the first preventive measure
  • Fire Extinguisher are placed around the workshop where easy access for everyone is allowed when catchingfire
  • Evacuation Plan is launched and communicated through all staffs and workers.
Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA)

The five specified types of work must be requested to Safety Section for approval to proceed. Before approval, job safety and environmental analysis must be carried out in order to ensure that it is safe to proceed.

5S System (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)

5S is launched and implemented for visual control and lean production.

Light, Noise & Dust Management

We measure these components regularly according to the law.

Waste Management

All waste outputs of the production process are well-managed, e.g. steel scrap, paint packages are sold for regulate chemical disposal.  

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