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Who we are
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We are specialised in fabricating steel structure, plate work, storage/high-pressure tank & silo, piping work, and ducting working as well as servicing machine installation, election work, insulation work, and painting work. Apart from being the steel fabricator, we also provide civil and electrical works to cover the full scope of our supply.

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Our Company, Summa N.K. Co., Ltd. (Summa) is a leading steel fabricator in Thailand and currently expanding our services across the world. Since we have been working with international clients for over a decade, we have become specialised in steel structure and platework fabrication for heavy industries such as mining industry.

Apart from these, our supply includes fabrication of piping spool, pressure vessel, tank, heater/reformer, ducting work, thickener and flotation. Along the side, we offer services in machine installation, insulation work, painting and site erection.

Our commitment have brought us repeating clients for all these years, and hence it has led us toward a continual improvement of cost effectiveness, high quality of products and services as well as optimal delivery time.

What We Do

The category of our services provided shall be dedicated but not limited to:

We, Summa N.K. Contracting C., Ltd. Has Provided general contracting services to
customer with decades of experience in a wide range of Industrial plants such as:

- Mining; Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper, etc.
- Paint Manufacturing Plant
- Steel Plant
- Food Plant
- Ceramic Plant
- Particle Board Plant
- MDF Plant
- Solvent Extraction Plant
- Construction
- Upstream Petrochemical Plant
- Downstream Petrochemical Plant
- Paper and Pulp Mill
- Refinery
- Glass Plant
- Starch Plant
- Power Plant
- Tyre Plant
- Chemical plant
- Sanitary Plant
- Biomass Plant

our mission and vision
"We are committed to be the top steel fabricator who provides the most cost-effective and high-quality products and services for client’s highest satisfaction"
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